Duster's Last Stand

The Reds start a 3 city West Coast road trip tonight. This is ‘the big one’. This is the one that’s been circled on every die hard Reds fan’s calendar. As soon as you realized we were relevant, this became the “yeah, but” of the Reds 2010 schedule.

I was told a story about when the 1976 Big Red Machine, and after some research it’s been proved inaccurate.

But the story came from a member of the Big Red Machine, Johnny Bench in fact. The story went that when the BRM went out west they held a 4 game lead in the NL West race. They headed out west, and dropped the first five games of the West coast trip. As legend goes, legendary manager Sparky Anderson got on the team bus after that fifth loss and said:

“You guys are fuckin’ kidding,”

The rest of the Reds team on the bus looked up, wondering what their manager was talking about.

“You heard me. You’re just kidding about all this. You’re not really gonna blow this. Right?”

It was a great quote if there ever was one (and if it was ever really an occurrence).
We’re about to find out what kind of fibers this team is made out of. At Arizona, at Los Angeles for the weekend, and at San Francisco. In 9 days, 9 games take place.

A lot of people called the sweep at home to the Cardinals this past week “Dusty’s Last Stand”. But it’s not. The true Battle of Little Big Horn took place out west. That’s why this is going to to be know forever as Duster’s Last Stand.

One way or another, something epic is about to take place. But it could be filled with scalpings and blood lust.