The Night Before Strasburg

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Last night will go down in my personal history book as the longest amount of time I’ve been at a ball park, the longest rain delay I’ve sat through, and the latest I’ve been at a ball park to see a conclusion of the game. By the time last night’s game wrapped up, it was past midnight. Judas Priest’s “Rocking After Midnight” was blaring on the loud speakers at GABP.

We got to see a lot of Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez last night. It’s worth noting that he’s sitting on 2,776 hits. Does he hang on long enough to get to 3,000? He’s 38 years old. I think he’ll get there but it could take three more seasons to do it. Still, he’s a first ballot Hall of Fame player and I’m glad that I got to see him in person.

The struggles continued for Jay Bruce. He got his first RBI of the month with a groundout. In the first inning he laced a shot that one-hopped the wall in left center field for a double that broke the second longest hitless streak of his career at 0 for 16. After he doubled, “Born to Run” played on the loud speakers at the park. It was kind of cool.

Jay, if you ever see this; we’re sure hoping you put it all together soon. The roller coaster ride is killing us on a nightly basis. Be the player that not only you can be but that you are. Just go out and play and relax. I miss the guy who had power to all fields and who was a virutal menace to get out if you threw him a fastball.


I watched Nyjer Morgan a lot last night. This guy by far looks like the angriest ballplayer to ever play the game. He has a stone cold, mean look on his face like he’s ready to kill someone. Not just some of the time, but the entire game. He looks completely pissed. I asked Nyjer if he wanted some peanuts; he replied with a stone cold death stare and a simple “I’m good”.

Small man’s syndrome?

I miss Adam Dunn. It’s no secret. Dunn struck out to end the game last night on a questionable call. I had a feeling that he was going to celebrate his homecoming with a majestic blast off Micah Owings or Mike Leake. It wasn’t meant to be on this night. Dunn remains the player who has homered more times then any other when I’m in attendance at the ballpark. Joey Votto is gaining quickly.


Dunner in the dugout. Before the game he did his ritual that I saw him do a hundred times when he was a Red. He takes a giant cooler of water up on to the bench in the dugout and takes out a wet towel from the cooler. He throws the towel over his face until his head is completely soaked. He does this after running sprints (jogging) lightly in the outfield. Just thought I’d share, he’s still preparing to play in the same way.


And then there’s Mike Leake. Leake gets the first victory of the year while I’m at the ballpark. This is the second time I’ve seen him pitch in person. Seems like I always draw Arroyo or Harang. But on this night, Mike Leake was mighty enough to improve to 7-1 on his career.