Reds slip by Pirates in series opener 7-5

Gotta hand it to Aaron Harang for last night’s performance. It wasn’t Cy Young material, but it was a win and he ate up 6 and 1/3 innings–114 overall pitches in getting his 3rd win on the year. Harang also provided a key hit in the Reds 5-run 4th inning.
This was a game I could have seen the Reds struggling, the old Reds that is. They were facing a lefty in Brian Burres; a guy that Reds teams of the past would have made look like an All-Star. It seems however that this year’s version of the Reds are figuring out lefthanders a lot better then teams of the past. That’s one of the biggest differences I see in this group. I don’t have the stats, but I’d guaruntee that the Reds of 2010 are having markedly more success against southpaws then any team in the past five years.

It looks like there was a lot going on down at the old ballyard last night. It was the 75th anniversary of the first night game in baseball. The Reds did some special fireworks displays to entertain a crowd of just 13,385.
Now on an 83 degree clear night when a lot of the kids are out of school, why is a first place team not drawing more bodies then that? I know why I wasn’t there. I’ll be there at least once on this homestand, and I live two hours away. But if we don’t go out and get that player that puts us over the top; we have no one to blame but ourselves. We must show ownership that we’re excited about this team. If you’re reading these words and not planning on going out and seeing the Reds play, you’re part of the problem. If you’re a real Reds fan, now is the time to catch Reds fever and get your butt down to the park to see these guys. Then when the time comes about a month and a half from now to add some players, and we don’t do it; it’s because we’re losing money.
Go get yourself a cheap ticket and see these guys play. As I told a friend last night, they’re as for real as for real gets in Reds country. They’re now just a half game back of the Phillies for the best team in the National League–two in the loss column. They’re tied record-wise with the Yankees. It’s time to support this group and as long as they keep getting W’s, you have to be happy about it.