Ron Washington is being picked apart like a politician

Remember a few days ago when it shook out that Ron Washington had tested positive for cocaine usage last season? Things have gone from bad to worse for Washington, or in this case; cocaine to pot.
In an interview with ESPN’s Pedro Gomez, Washington admitted amphetamine and pot usage as a player.
“It was not an ongoing thing,” Washington said. “I was young and didn’t know better.”
“I wasn’t the only one, but I’m not going to name names,” Washington told Gomez. “Amphetamines were prevalent throughout baseball.”
This is silly. Washington is being judged extra because of what happened last season. It was the 70’s, everyone was doing pot and amphetamines. Granted, not everyone did go on to become a big league manager. And a big league manager who tested positive for cocaine while in season.
“I made some mistakes in my younger days and I just want to get past it,” Washington said. “I want to move forward.”

I have to agree with Washington. I hope the media lays off him and he goes and wins 90 games this year. The Rangers are a likable team with guys like Washington and Josh Hamilton going to battle every day.