Ron Washington Tests Positive for Cocaine

Breaking story developing here, but Rangers skipper Ron Washington has tested positive for Cocaine usage. When we first read the report, we had to read it a few times because it seems that no one these days in MLB does cocaine anymore.
No one, except Ron Washington that is:
“I did make a mistake and I regret that I did it,” Washington told by phone from Surprise, Ariz., on Tuesday night. “I am really embarrassed and I am really sorry.”
Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated broke the story first, as someone from SI usually does.
Washington, 57, has been subject to increased drug testing since his failed test, which was administered by Major League Baseball last July, and he has passed all of his subsequent tests. In deciding to support Washington and retain him as manager, the Rangers accepted his apology as heartfelt and also his explanation that this was a one-time transgression.
It’s too bad that Washington had to go riding the slopes. He’s got a fine team on his hands. We wouldn’t think the Rangers would keep Washington around after something like this. And a one time transgression? Who does cocaine for the first time at 57 years old?
Ron, you lie to your wife and I will lie to mine but lets not lie to eachother. If that’s the first time you’ve rode the white horse, then I’m Bob Barker!