What’s it going to take to get rid of this guy?

I’ve been at Opening Days in Cincinnati when George Bush threw out the first pitch. Nick Lachey has sang National Anthem’s (as if he’s a true big name, psssht).

And I guess that’s why I feel deflated when I hear the news that the best the Reds could do for the opener of this perennially special season, is George Grande and Ben Utecht?

Fuck, this would be a whole lot better if we let Utecht throw out the first pitch and Grande crow the fucking anthem! This is terrible! Can’t we let Grande galivant around the place on night #2, leaving the 43K who show up excited for the Opener alone and in high spirits? I must have missed the memo where this 2010 season is a George Grande Cincinnati-send off.

I mean damn! We’re sure he’s a good man. Loves his wife. Probably a loving father. But we’ve had enough of George Grande and Ben Utecht can get fucked in the pants too for being involved!
How many balls did he catch for the Bengals anyway?