The Golden Boy returns

Another major story overshadowed by the Manny Ramirez mess is Alex Rodriguez returning to the New York Yankee lineup tonight. This is a very important time for the Yankees and A-Rod, and it honestly couldn’t have came at a better time.

A lot of what A-Rod is in question for is now overshadowed by the Ramirez dirty test result. The Yankees are struggling after dropping 3 in a row to divisional foes. Rodriguez has a real opportunity to make this one of the most formidable lineups in modern day history. He’s going to get extra pitches to hit himself, and guys like Mark Teixeira are going to benefit from having him in the linueup for that same reason.

If the Yankees are going to go on a season changing run, it’s got to happen soon. Business is about to pick up in the Bronx, we think.

Four reasons why A-Rod’s return is so important. [New York Magazine]