A Powerful Combo in the Bronx

During last night’s 7-6 Yankees win over the Minnesota Twins (their 6th in a row), I got a text from a buddy of mine. “A-Rod and Tex are the combo of the century” it read. Yankees fans gotta be feeling pretty strong right about now. This is exactly what I envisioned when I predicted the Yankees to get to the World Series. And to be honest, even Toronto is shaking in their boots a bit. I can guarantee you that.

Tex homers two more times, he’s got ten now on the year. A-Rod already has four. Hell, even Johnny Damon is hitting home runs out at an alarming rate in that park. This is truly a modern day murderers row. Nick Swisher hasn’t hit in weeks, but he’ll get hot again we think.

The Yankees are going to be around all year long. And to a degree, that’s good for baseball. I mean how boring is it when the Bronx Bombers and there fans aren’t part of the whole equation? We only get one baseball season per year. I almost think I’d miss their condescending and brash confidence. They have their place with everything else.

The other point I really want to make in this post is that they just seem to not care at all that A-Rod is a dirty cheater. All is forgotten. Now I can only go off of the few Yankees fans that I know; but it appears to me that if Rodriguez were to come back like he has and approach 50 home runs, they’d take the money and run. They’d enjoy every one of them more then the last. I’m not saying it’s right or it’s wrong, I’m simply making an observation that Rodriguez (hitting .188)has pretty much been welcomed back as if he’d never done steroids at all.

Yankee fans despite what their words, were all cut containing that same fiber. They wanna win and they want to at any cost. They don’t care if Rodriguez is a scum bag, a cheater, or not a real Yankee. They just want to win. And I understand that.