Big Series starts in the Queen of Cities tonight

This series won’t get the type of coverage it probably should, but it is a series that every Reds fan should pay close attention to. This is where the Reds need to let it all hang out and send a message to the NL Central leading Cardinals that they’re going to be doing some punching this season. There is no reason for the folks of Cincinnati not to turn out a huge crowd to see this division leading Cardinals squad, with possibly the best player in the sport come into our house with a chance to make some serious noise.

This is supposed to be a rivalry. This is our Yankees-Red Sox. We’ve finally got a team that can give this matchup some meaning, and hopefully some competition. This matchup hasn’t been fair the past few years and has been largely meaningless to Cincinnati. For right now, it’s completely different. The Reds are throwing their 3 horses against the Cardinals in Johnny Cueto, Aaron Harang, and Edison Volquez. We’re coming off a big win from an NL Central foe last night. The time is now; this is what it’s all about. The future is now.

Reds fans should form their own sea of Red and make it an unfriendly environment for the Cardinals to play in, just as it looks to our players when they enter St. Louis to play a series every single time.

Let it all hang out Reds. This is where you put yourselves on the map for the rest of the baseball world to see. Wanna lead off Baseball Tonight and other sports syndicates? Do something big this series to make a difference. Wanna get some notoriety for the first time forever in Cincinnati? Don’t come up empty handed this series. Wanna start to be known like the Rays were in 2008? Get it going right now. I’m excited to see this matchup and see how our guys perform.