Baseball loses 2 more family members

They say that deaths to the famous always happens in threes, after the passing of Nick Adenhart not even a week ago, we seem to be seeing this.

Yesterday the grim reaper of baseball struck again, claiming the life of two men in unexpected fashion.

The first was Mark “The Bird” Fidrych. He was found dead on his farm while working on his 10 wheel dump truck. Fidrych was one of those guys who burst on the scene with the Detroit Tigers as a rookie in 1976, won 19 games and achieved almost overnight Rock star fame; and then tore up his arm and was never heard from again.

The other was Harry Kalas. Kalas was found just hours before he was to broadcast the Phillies game in the booth of all places. The cause of death was not immediately known. More Harball is pretty upset. When this day comes for Marty Brennaman we’ll feel the same way.

Both of these characters who marked this great game will be sorely missed but their memories live on immortally.