Nick Adenhart 1986-2009

Sometimes in life you are shown something that you just can’t make sense of. Something that you just can’t stop thinking about that really shows you how fragile life is and how quick in the snap of fingers that the delicate life we know can be taken from us. It has been a while since the grim reaper of baseball has hit us, but not long enough.

Just last night, Nick Adenhart threw 6 shutout innings against the Oakland Athletics. This morning we awoke to the news that the 22-year old pitcher (rated the #1 prospect in Anaheim’s system) had been killed in tragic hit and run accident.

Think about this for a minute. The guy was a big league pitcher probably thinking he was in the prime of his life just 24 hours ago. Now he is gone forever. Ironic is the fact that after a sparkling spring training by many accounts, Adenhart had finally caught his big break by making it into an Angels rotation that had many injuries to veteran starters. Just like that, Adenhart is gone. So many thoughts ran through our head when we heard the news by telephone.

You start thinking about how this game we love is like a fraternity. When someone dies, it’s always way too early. You always struggle for the reasoning to make sense of it. Then you start thinking about how it could have been any one of the 800 or so figures that comprise this game. It didn’t have to be Nick Adenhart.

We here at Diamond Hoggers send prayers to the family and friends of Nick Adenhart. May God bless him and shine upon them during this tragic time in which life seems so senseless.