Alex Rodriguez is gonna be off for 10 weeks

In case you haven’t heard the breaking news this morning, Alex Rodriguez is going to be out of comission for 10 weeks.

That hip cyst really festered into a big problem. A problem for the Yankees, a problem for fantasy owners that took A-Rod #2 overall (I would have taken him if he was there at 3, but I lucked out).

So A-Rod the China Doll can sit around for a while and think about how karma is a bitch. It’s funny because just last night we were laughing about A-Rod, saying that he ran his home run trots like a thoroughbred.

This also means that if your team has a third baseman who is healthy; the Yankees are going to offer prospects for his services for these 10 weeks. No shit, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the Yankees (and AS I TYPE THIS the possibility is mentioned on Sportscenter by Buster Olney! Unreal!) go out and get a third baseman.

And this is sick, why would you go out and get a third baseman for 10 weeks? Just use someone who is on your team for Christ sakes.