Big Mac's brother says McGwire was a juicer

Real good write up from Deadspin on Mark McGwire with some pretty shocking or revealing quotes if they are true:

•”We had Mark and his fiancée over one day to visit our house and things sort of got out of control with my nine-year-old stepson, Eric, when he bumped Mark accidentally and coffee spilled on Mark’s clothes. Mark picked him up and yelled at him and swatted him on his butt like a parent. After that you could hear a pin drop in that room. Everyone was shocked. This is where it all hit the fan, right before Mark’s wedding. That’s when the relationship got strained… It was uncharacteristic of Mark to do something like that. In St. Louis, he supported all these abused children foundations, even had his own foundation. I wouldn’t call a swat on the butt abuse, but it wasn’t his place. I’d never seen him react that way before; he just got pissed. He overreacted. After that my wife, Francine, didn’t want to go to the wedding. Mark was upset about that. The whole situation was just very irritable and not good. Now Francine doesn’t like him. And Dan has experienced the same thing; his wife doesn’t like Mark, either, but for different reasons.”

•”Pleading the fifth just wasn’t the way to go. I thought he received some bad advice from the attorneys on that tact. I sat there hoping he would confess. Even though we’d had a falling out, I felt for Mark; he took a beating that day. Had he just taken the same route as Jason Giambi or Andy Pettitte, and said he was sorry, nobody would be worried about what he did today. He didn’t. Still, on TV that day, I didn’t want to see him mess up. I was pulling for him… I’ve heard speculation that Mark will never get into the Hall of Fame. To some that might really get to them. Take Pete Rose. I think he would cut off his left arm to be enshrined in Cooperstown. Not Mark. I don’t think being in the Hall of Fame matters a lick to him.”

Seems like the world didn’t need Mark McGwire very much at all for as big as he was during that summer of 1998.