'Vindicated' is coming….

The book will be released April 1st, but if you’re as excited about it as I am you can read a decently-sized excerpt from it here.

Right after he shot me up, I half-expected to feel this huge rush, and that maybe I’d run into the street and flip cars over just for fun. After all, as a wrestler once put it, when you take steroids, you can just lie in bed and feel yourself grow. But that didn’t happen. Nothing happened. I waited for that initial rush, and as I waited, I began to freak out a little. I wondered if I was going to develop a third eye, smack-dab in the middle of my forehead. Or if one of my arms was going to blow up like a balloon and pop. Or maybe I’d go home and look in the mirror and find a complete stranger staring back at me. None of that happened, of course. Nothing happened. At least at first. I finally noticed something about three weeks in, and even then the change was gradual. One day, I was doing my regular workout, but it somehow felt much more efficient than what I was accustomed to. I felt like I had more energy, more of a pump. Within a month, I started gaining weight and seeing some real definition, and as the weeks went by, I felt myself getting stronger and stronger. I felt good about myself, too, confident, and that gave me a genuine psychological edge. I began to think, Man, this stuff is really working!

Other than a bit here and a bit there, if you’ve read Juiced, then you’ve got a lot fo Vindicated. I’m a little disappointed and a little worried that this was nothing more than recycled Canseco once-told stuff to get him some type of paycheck.

Of course after I read this great work by Pat Jordan; I was sure that Canseco was just trying to get paid. All the interesting stuff is revealed by Jordan over on Deadspin; and not Canseco.

Still, I’ll pony up the $20 (knowing Canseco’s style it might be $35) because I don’t want to sit in Barnes & Nobles around the corner from my house six different occasions for around 2 hours each. There’s better stuff there to discover.