Al Newman was a poor man's Bip Roberts. Very poor.

Al Newman is a beloved figure in Twins folklore. Another example of a guy who could probably run like the wind blew but hit like my ass.

Newman appeared at every position on the field except catcher and pitcher, and that’s probably why he lasted as long as he did. In 8 seasons he played for the Expos, Twins, and Rangers. He was a career .226 hitter with 1 lonely home run off Zane Smith.

He managed 5 triples in 307 at-bats in 1987. He stole 25 bases in 1989. He won two World Series rings for the Twins and had teammates such as Kenny Rogers, Steve Carlton, Nolan Ryan, Pudge Rodriguez, and Kirby Puckett.

He’s a big league coach right now with the Twins. And we ask the question: why are such bad players always ending up as instructors? Guy was a 1st round pick for the Expos (12th overall) in the 1981 draft. He was a tremendous, hideous bust.

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