The Big Red (belly with text on a shirt) Machine on Ellen

From the Reds PR department, who is always nice enough to keep Diamond Hoggers filled in on what they’re up to:

On Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (airing @ 10 am on WCPO-9 in Cincinnati…check local listings) Hall of Famers Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan will appear with special guest George Clooney. For over two years, Ellen has been unsuccessful in her attempts to persuade George to be a guest on her show. Then in early December, actor Noah Wyle was a guest on with Ellen and suggested that the way to “catch” George would be to get some members of the Big Red Machine to be on the show. We immediately heard about Noah’s mention of the BRM and made some calls to the Ellen show.

Joe Morgan is jack dieseled like Mighty Mouse isn’t he? And Johnny, well he just doesn’t give a shit. That’s why we like him.