"If you hit a ball and it leaves the yard, it’s a homer."

The Cincinnati Reds welcome Joe Morgan to the organization. I welcome more statements like some of these gems he’s gifted us with over the years:
–“I’ve always said that the purpose of a minor league system is to help the big league club.”
–“You know, I’ve always said the best way to steal second base is to get a nice lead and outrun the throw by the catcher.”
–“A plate of spaghetti back then was $1.50, and it was very good food, that’s why it lasted”
–“Asian ballplayers don’t argue with umps.”
–“Sometimes homeruns are rally killers.”
–“I may be the only one that feels this way, but I still believe the weather has had an adverse affect on some of the best hitters in the game”
–“When it’s cold, your muscles tighten and you’re not the same you.”
–“You can make any pitch, at any time, if you execute it properly.”
–“You can’t beat a team that doesn’t lose”
–“As long as (Aroldis) Chapman lives up to expectations and his contract, he will be worth it.”
–“Chapman has looked good in Spring Training. If he looks this good during the season then he will be successful”
–“Oliver Perez’s problem is he will go a few shutout innings and then have four guys on base.”
–“No, I don’t want you to draw any conclusion. I want you to listen to what I just said.”
I love him. I absolutely love em. This guy is an angel.