Another Season of Reds Baseball is in the Books

Turn the lights out till the birds fly back from the south. The sun has set on another season of Cincinnati Reds Baseball. In the end, the 2008 Reds won’t be remembered with the giants of baseball’s most legendary teams. There were some special moments however. We enter next season as excited for baseball as we’ve ever been this time of the calendar year.

I mean we had our pinnacle early on; getting to see the face of the franchise in his big league debut. We also had a tearful goodbye representing our lowpoint. This was a season of expectations and it resulted in a season of change. We do not know what the future holds. But we’ll be back next year documenting every step that this franchise takes. We know we will. No matter how many times we swear we’re finished with them.

Baseball is our favorite thing in the world. The Cincinnati Reds are a huge reason for that. In the big book of baseball that exists in our mind, the 2008 Reds will definitely not just be remembered as a 5th place team that went 74-88. A lot happened this summer in the Queen city.
Still, like an old girlfriend who you only remember the good about, we cannot wait until April 6th to be in the stands in Cincy, with dreams of another postseason appearance. That is what makes this sport great. And to the 2008 Reds: you were not always good but you made up for it in being interesting. So long.