Yankees will bring back Girardi in 2009

The Yankees will choose to bring back manager Joe Girardi in 2009, Hank Steinbrenner chortled last night.

“Joe will be back,” co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner said Monday at the club’s spring training complex. “He’s done everything he could. That’s the bottom line.”

“I’ve known him for a long time and he was the bench coach here a couple of years ago, so he deserves that opportunity,” Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter said after Monday night’s 12-1 loss to the Los Angeles Angels. “I’d have to say Joe’s done exactly what I thought he was going to do. But you’ve got to realize one thing: Joe’s not playing. He puts us on the field and puts us in the best position to go out there and win games, and we haven’t done it consistently up to this point.”

What’s amazing for us to think about: 1) Why is it necessary to anounce that you’re bringing a guy back at this stage in the game? If he’s still on the dugout steps each night, shouldn’t it be assumed that he’s coming back? The Reds aren’t going to come out and anounce that Dusty baker will be back in 2009, but sure enough come Hell of high water you know he’ll be managing the Cincinnati Reds to start the season next year. And 2) why the hell wouldn’t the Yankees bring back Girardi? I’ve got news for Hanky Steinbrenner; that team that Girardi has guided to a winning record isn’t that good. He’s done a banner job this season to not finish under .500 in that division. They should do more than bring the guy back. They should have “Joe Girardi Day” in typical Yankee fasion.