My babe sees a wild one in the Bronx

Our beloved fiance (the same one who makes fun of us daily for this blog) was at the Yankees game today. We made sure to remind her to pay attention to the game, and we paid extra attention to what happened.

Yankees and Angels locked up in a good one. Two very good teams. Mark Teixeira hit a big bomb, Pudge Rodriguez hit his first home run as a Yankee, but the star of this game was Xavier Nady.

Nady set a career-best with six RBI – his three-run homer in the seventh gave the Yanks an 8-5 lead and he also had a two-run double and an RBI single – and he matched his career-high with four hits.

The Yankees earned a win over the best team in baseball by scoring 10 unearned runs.

Even if the Yankees fail to make the playoffs; and by no means can we count them out, this is a very good team stuck in a high caliber division. They have the rotation and lineup to give a team fits in a short or long series. There were doubts early in the season for sure, but this team is going to be right there till the end and they might just find a way to sneak into the postseason.