Gigantosaur is doing it again

You look up in the paper and there he is right where you expect Gigantosaur to be. He’s hitting a cool .359 today just a point ahead of Chipper Jones (who everyone said would have a shot at .400 earlier in the season). The thing is, Pujols has been to the plate more times than Jones, and if Albert had more time instead of the season winding down; we have this strange feeling that he could get to .400 (say if he had 200 games to do it or something whacky like that).

Pujols looks aged to us. It could just be because our eyes are going bad, but it could be that Pujols is 28 years of age. He’s not a spring chicken anymore. He has however been very methodical in his approach of being the league’s finest hitter yet again, and he’s done it from behind. Pujols is playing with a faulty elbow and is leaning towards surgery in the offseason. No matter. The guy doesn’t need arms to hit. He’s still amassed 32 home runs and 95 RBI to go along with that very Pujols-like average.

The Cardinals might not make the playoffs, in fact it would take a minor miracle for it at this point. But how can you not just sit back as a baseball fan and shake your head about what this guy continues to do? A couple weeks from now we’ll be acknowledging Pujols’ 2nd batting title of his career.