Bruce has 19 homers now

Did you see where that ball landed last night? One of the most impressive homers I’ve seen Jay Bruce hit. Dead center field off the batters eye. It was off a Todd Wellemeyer changeup. He got all of it, every piece of it. One more, and he reaches the magical 20.

Also, the Reds 2009 schedule is out. They open up with the New York Mets at home on April 6th. That will be a good game to be at, the true start of a new era. I love Major League Baseball for rewarding a shit team with a home opening day every year.

I know, the Reds aren’t going to grab the interest of most readers out there. It’s understood. They’re a 5th place team. But I’m a Reds fan and there is some allotted homerism for special things like a dead center field home run by our young stud of the future.