Manny will be Manny in Los Angeles

We don’t know why we didn’t see this coming all along. Manny Ramirez as an LA Dodger almost seems like a perfect fit. He’ll play in the same outfield that Darryl Strawberry did. He can cruise around south central and just, be…. like Manny likes to do.

He’ll hit and make you laugh. He will put up numbers. He’ll do things in the outfield that you couldn’t even dream up. He’ll probably get a base coach or two fired, even at his base-coach age of 38.

But Ramirez will be a shot in the arm for the Dodgers, and for the Red Sox that say goodbye to him, they did as well as they possibly could, and they surprised us in getting rid of Manny. Jason Bay is having a very good year in what has been a very good career overall. He’s a solid player and he’ll probably fit in well in the Boston lineup.

The real loser here, who else. The Pittsburgh Pirates. They get the Damian Moss kid who plays outfield and is in all likelihood another Darren Bragg. They give up what should have been another cornerstone in Jason Bay, and in return they get Andy LaRoche, who will probably be as disappointing of a prospect as his brother Adam has been. But the deal couldn’t have been completed and wouldn’t have went down if not for the Pirates being the Pirates and getting stepped on like the twatbag, doormat franchise they really are. Another rebuilding crusade boys!