Throwing it around

We’ve been slacking on the blog a bit. We’ve been sick as dogs. Lyme Disease is a real pain in the ass. To have it in the middle of the summer is even worse, we think. Hopefully by this time next season we feel normal again. It’s saturday and here’s the baseball related content that was worthy of a linky. Not long from now college football will be catching many’s focus on these days.’s Iphone baseball application is a joke. We still want an Iphone though. [Deadspin]
-The Red Sox have had it with Manny Ramirez. Again. Yeah right. []
-Mike Hampton is making his first start in almost 3 years tonight. Pretty cool. [Metsmerized Online]
-Walt Jocketty should be careful about what moves he makes, if any, for the Cincinnati Reds. [The Real Mccoy]
-The Brewers, just as we predicted; have been the hottest team in baseball. Their 8-game winning streak was snapped by the Astros last night. [Milwaukee JS]
-Words that shouldn’t be used in association with Josh Hamilton by anouncers. [Bugs & Cranks]
-More on that awful brawl in Dayton. [UmpBump]
-The last pictures of Harry Caray ever taken at Wrigley Field. [Home Run Derby]
-Interview with Milton Bradley, who likes dominoes. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]