Throwing it around

We like friday nights, a lot. We have to work saturdays, but it doesn’t stop us from starting the weekend a day early anyway. So while this is basically our thursday, we enjoy saturday mornings because none of senior management is there anyways we’re still in just as good of a mood as you are because friday night is a full schedule of baseball and all the fun awaits us. Here’s the day in baseball links:

-The Yankees have signed Eric Milton to a minor league deal. Milton? Ponson? Come on. []
-The Phillies are talking about a couple different pitchers to trade for. [The Good Phight]
-The Orioles had a scout tied to a major betting probe. [Sports Illustrated]
-Our boy updated his blog, some time ago. [Jay Bruce’s Blog]
-Yankees are considering Richie Sexson also. [MLB Trade Rumors]
-Rough times for the Tribe. [The DiaTribe]
-David Wright might be puttin’ the hurts on Diana Russini, a TV reporter. [The Big Lead]
-Get a look at the DHL world record size baseball. [Gothamist]
-This probably deserves a post of its own, but have you heard about the Devil Rays fan who gave her boyfriend a handjob at the stadium? [Sports by Brooks]