This Season is up for Grabs

Last night someone asked me who I honestly think will be in the World Series. I thought about it for a while and I really had trouble feeling confident about my answer. Someone has got to win the last series they play in October; walking off the field to shower one another in champagne in the clubhouse. I tried my best to have some vision of who was gonna play for it all.

I scanned through the NL teams. Thought about the Phillies. Thought of the Mets. Then I said it’s going to be the Cubs. Although I think the Brewers could give them some trouble, the Cubs are going to make Ryan Dempster look like a genius.

Then I started thinking about another team that could come out of nowhere to have that ‘special’ type year. Something storybook like. I wanted to say the Red Sox earlier this season, but you know what? They’re in for some serious shitty karma because they’ve had their share of good fortune. Why not the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I have the Rays and Cubbies in a World Series that is immensely great for baseball.

But in all honesty, I can’t remember a season this wide open in a long time, for reals. There are a lot of teams that seem just good enough to be a contender. There is no dominating team. Not that one that is just gonna roll. It could make for an excellent postseason in which all series go to the maximum games allotted.

Every team has around 60ish games left (depressing), and nothing has been decided yet.