'The Deal' is born.

‘The Boss’ is a good nickname, but ‘The Deal’ is a much better nickname.

Every great ballplayer has some type of nickname. If you’re good, and you’re worth being remembered; they’ll find something nifty to call you. Thanks to The Bus Leagues blog, the internet was given the opportunity to do that for our newest favorite ballplayer who’s yet to take the field, Jay Bruce.

Look, we know Baseball America has called Jay Bruce ‘The Boss’ in honor of Bruce Springsteen for years. No respect to Springsteen (The River is good shit) or BA, but it’s just not original enough for the man who will go on to save Cincinnati Major League baseball.

We suggested ‘The Deal’, because Jay Bruce will be the most for real deal there ever is. And honestly, Bruce really is as sure of a bet to succeed and live up to the hype as any prospect ever was (even though Josh Hamilton is making that look like a false statement right now). After suggesting from here on he be known as The Deal, our suggestion won!

So spread the word, and hopefully someday soon Jay Bruce will be lacing line drives all over a park near you; and kids all over the countryside will be saying to themselves ‘I’m the deal!’, ‘no I am the deal’. And Karl Ravech will…… you get the point.

Thanks to the Bus Leagues for both the contest and my copy of the Baseball Field Guide!