It's almost time

Last night I called in and talked to Paul Daugherty on 700 WLW before the game. My topic? You know. Jay Bruce. I created quite an uprise after John Fay’s prediction that ‘The Deal’ (more on that in a second) would be headed to Cincinnati after Memorial Day weekend.

Basically Doc refocused his entire show after I tipped him off that Bruce’s time may have come.

And we’re very excited about this. This is the most anticipated debut of any player we’ve ever had, and we’ve been following baseball since Paul O’ Neill roamed right field for the Redlegs.

So the time has come to give Bruce a nickname. We suggested ‘The Deal’. Reason? Because he’s as real of a deal as there ever will be. You can go to the Bus Leagues blog and vote for our choice…. maybe someday Karl Ravech will be calling it out on Baseball Tonight.

As promised, whenever the magical night happens; we’ll be headed to Cincinnati to cover it. And by covering it we do mean that we’ve already lined up a few of our buddies to drive, get to the parking garage before batting practice, and bong beers like we’re still living in the frat house. Then we’ll buy some outfield seats, meander behind #32, and tell him he’s the great Red of all time–and mean it.