Despite a rumor started by a blogger; Ned Yost is hannnnging around

So we admit, we’re a day late on this one but we wanted to see how it turned out before we devoted any bandwith space to it. Plus we were kind of worn out yesterday.

So this Badger Blogger says on late sunday night after the Brewers are swept in Beantown that Ned Yost will be relieved of his duties come monday (which was yesterday). We thought it could be true–getting leapfrogged by the Cincinnati Reds will bring these types of things to the forefront–but thought that Brewers GM Mark Attansio would exercise some patience.

Monday came and went, and the Yoster is still standing strong at the managerial post of the Milwaukee Brewers. The same Milwaukee Brewers that we picked to win the NL Central and go to the NLCS. They’re 7.5 games out of first right now and their team leader Ryan Braun, fresh off signing an 8-year contract, let it be known that he is not happy.

You gotta hope that the Brewers weather the storm. Eh. Not really. Prince Fielder’s season has been a bust and he was a lot of our rooting interest in the team. What a terrible first round pick in fantasy baseball.

Furthermore, I think that it’s important to realize why some people resent bloggers and use this little anecdote as an example. Badger Blogger gets it’s credibility shot to hell. If you aren’t sure about a story, don’t break it simply to get the hits. Not only are you screwing yourself and welcoming a flamewar; you’re spoiling it for other bloggers. This provides ammunition for those who frown on the blogging community anyways to say that we blogger-types lack credibility. Shame on you, Badger Blogger.