What can I say? Adam Dunn is a saturday night type of guy

Adam Dunn is a saturday night hero, believe me; I’ve heard the stories. What is it about hitting walk-off bombs against the Cleveland Indians in Cincinnati? For the third year in a row, Dunn has done just that.

You could see it in the Reds’ players faces. Their expressions said ‘Yay! Thank you Dunner! We can go get drunk now!’. And to be honest, they deserve it. The win was the Reds 5th in a row, all coming on this homestand.

It was another majestic blast for Dunn. Masa Kobayashi showed us all how to take your ERA from under 2 to over 3 in one pitch. The ball, as usual; nearly left the entire stadium. The blast came after Dunn unsucessfully tried to bunt the runners on first and second over.

It was a really great scene, as not many ballgames are played starting during the 3:00 hour at Great American Ballpark. It was nice for a change for a ballgame to end around dinner time, just in time for the Reds to hit up a tavern in town and be ready for tomorrow’s 1:00 start. After the game Dunn spoke to a national audience as FOX’s Kevin Kennedy and Jeanne Zelasko observed. It was storybook.

The home run was the 247th of Adam Dunn’s career, the 7th of walk-off variety, and his third straight game taking one long.