How long must we wait for #600, Junior?

Every once in a while we still see that glimpse of Ken Griffey Jr. that could hit lazers all over the ball park; run like a gazelle and basically do anything possible of being done on a baseball field and make it look so smooth and pretty.

If you were like me you took it for granted because you were younger and you thought that Junior would be 25 years old forever. You thought you’d be young forever too.

Griffey got old on us quickly. All those nights that we’d lay in our bed late at night listening to AM radio to hear the out of town scores (playing in Seattle he’d play in many a game that ran after midnight eastern time) and see if Griff hit another one. And on so many nights he made all his young fans obliged and indeed left the yard.

We’ve been waiting now for nearly 70 at-bats since his last homer. Give us #598 Junior. I have my doubts about the world seeing #700 but without a doubt this is a thrill to any baseball fan that grew up during the 90’s. This may be the last great milestone that the Micheal Jordan in cleats reaches.

We just have to wait.