We're headed to a ballgame today!

Florida rolls into town having won 7 in a row, and with the best record in baseball.

We haven’t been to the ballpark since Opening Day. It’s been too long, so we’re headed back there tonight. There’s nothing like a night at the ball park and we’re not going to let the home team ruin it for us. We’re looking forward to heading to the Queen City in a few hours and we’re not completely sure why.

The Florida Marlins come into town on several high notes. Hanley Ramirez just signed a 6 year, $70 million dollar deal, which represents the richest contract in the history of the franchise. Dan Uggla has been hitting balls out of the yard at Utleyian pace.

So we’ll go watch this matchup that could get ugly (Aaron Harang is going for the Reds) and we’ll report on it. We won’t the Reds overshadow the fact that we’re at a Major League Baseball game, and that’s always meant something of big proportions. Dispatch update upcoming.