Throwing it around

A great sports night on tap. Jose Canseco will appear on ABC’s Nightline at 11:30 PM ET. Before that you’ve got the beginning of the Sweet 16. This weekend should be an Omega Weekend. It’s building up to be a great Opening Day of festivus. Check out the best baseball links around the web for this thursday:

-The title of the blog says it all. It’s been around since 2002 and I just now found it? [Only Baseball Matters]
-The San Francisco Giants are removing all their Barry Bonds flair from around the park. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]
-The Milwaukee Brewers release of Claudio Vargas sets their rotation for the season. [Babes Love Baseball]
-Opening Day in Cleveland is going to have slightly better weather than last year in C-town. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be pretty. [Waiting for Next Year]
-A blogger who obviously feels the same about Opening Day in Cincinnati as we do. [Blue Collar Baseball]
-Another ‘how did we ever not find this blog right away’ type site. We’re now informed that Gary Majewski has been sent down. [Chris Sabo’s Goggles]
-Homer Bailey has been sent down to start the season in AAA Louisville. [Sports Illustrated]
-If someone hits the red pickup truck in center field at Great American Ball Park, someone wins the truck. The truck is over 500 feet from home plate though. [Crosley Field Terrace]