Throwing it around: Goin' ta see the Boss

Tonight, my fiance and I are going to our first concert. She’s a Jersey Girl; so I pulled off the ultimate. Springsteen tickets. Pretty psyched.

Anyhow, here’s some good links to get you ready for tomorrow’s opening morning:

-John Lackey talks about his injured quadriceps muscle. [John Lackey’s Blog]
-The Boss’s complete tale. Reportedly he didn’t like the nickname the Boss at first. I also grew up thinking he was from Cleveland until I met Stephy. [Wikipedia]
-The Dodgers leaving Vero Beach came a decade too late [Machochip]
-Fenway Natives in the Tokyo Dome. [Crowdaddy Cove]
-Canseco’s book is going to drop, and he’s going on Nightline on March 28th (friday) to promote it. [Was Watching]