Throwing it around

Snowed in on a saturday night. Girlfriend is headed to Mexico for Spring Break. Best buddy down the street, florida for his job (coaching baseball). Rest of family headed to florida soon. We’re penned up after a 50+ hour work week. It sucks. Plus our living room television exploded during our nap-time today….. no shit.

-Dontrelle Willis mentions that he’s playing the Braves for the 100th time in his career. [Dontrelle Willis’ Blog]
-Miguel Tejada’s wife…….. stacked. [Deadspin]
-The Yankees/Red Sox rivalry is already heating up. In blogosphere. John Sterling blogger doesn’t wanna hear anymore about Jacoby Elsbury. [IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR]
-Jason Kendall is going to hit 9th this year for the Brewers. Taking a page out of LaRussa’s book are we Yost? [BrewersNation]
-Prince Fielder, Jonathan Papelbon, and Cole Hamels only got minimal raises. I think they’ll be ok. [Baseball Mastermind]
-Can you imagine steroid vials in the Hall of Fame? [Fanhouse]
-A great post about Ken Griffey Jr., exactly how we feel about him. [Full Count Pitch]

Ok girls and boys. Time for another game of ‘2K8 (which we suck at). Keep it locked here for more previews throughout the weekend.