Throwing it around

Well monday is over forever. We’ve got just 3 weeks until opening day monday, so stick close to this site and you’ll be informed about what’s going on around the Major Leagues. Here’s some good reading to digest today:

-An excellent look at the Cincinnati Reds 2 weeks after spring training has started. []
-Wanna work in baseball? Here’s 10 tips. [Baseball America]
-Minnesota Twins season preview, Morneau as the headliner. [Deadspin]
-Felix Pie had his twisted testicle worked on. [Out of Right Field]
-Theo Epstein is saying that the BoSox never pulled out of Johann Santana negotiations. [Shea Nation]
-Roy Oswalt and Wandy Rodriguez have been impressing in Astros camp. [Most Valuable Network]
-Darryl Strawberry is a met again. [Bugs and Cranks]
-Raul Ibanez, 58th greatest Royal of all time. [Royals Retro]