Anyone Else Excited for 'Vindicated'?

I have to say, Juiced was one of my favorite books of all-time, and as far as baseball books go; it was second only to The Bad Guys Won, finishing slightly ahead of The Roberto Clemente Story. Canseco’s first book was a true classic because it was entertaining, and it breached a lot of bridges in Canseco’s personal life. These bridges were ties within baseball that he made throughout his career. In the end, it was a bloodbath, with many names named, and many being true users of steroids as time would tell.

Fans of that book will have a new reason to look forward to Opening Day 2008: Vindicated the sequel to Canseco’s first book, will be released. More names are expected to be named including Alex Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez.

I loved Canseco’s first book so much I even read his ex-wife Jessica’s book, Juicy. It was equally good shit in general, despite being written by a woman. The new book will get plenty of run on this site for sure, and I’ll probably rip through it in about 4 days.