ALCS Game 7: The End?

The Cleveland Indians broke my heart last night, although I knew it was coming since after game 5. This one hurt worse than in 1997. This one hurt worse than anything in my 24 years as a sports fan.

I believed in this team. I fell in love with this team. I knew since the beginning of the season that his team had what it took to win it all. I thought that nothing was going to stop us. After the World Series concludes, one of those teams will raise our trophy.

This was the year. This was the year that we had the lineup, the pitching, the perfect chemistry. We had it all and we didn’t get it done. What is the excuse now? Why do I feel so hopeless? Because no team for the rest of my life can be as prepared or built as well as this Indians team was. A team will never have a better shot at winning it all.

I’ll remember this Indians team for many things, many high moments. The team I followed pretty hard the year I started this blog. They got close, as close as you can get to the show without actually getting there. It hurts, it really does.

I knew we’d lose last night and in fact, I couldn’t even pain myself to watch any reaction about the game or the final 3 outs. I didn’t call any friends or family members that were Tribe fans today. I didn’t speak about it at my office. I turned the channel or radio each time there was talk about what happened. It really hurts that bad. I don’t want any more reaction. I want to disappear from the Major League Baseball season for a while, possibly until next spring.

I want to thank all our fans and readers for an awesome season. This blog has been a life-changing experience and I hope that some of my passion for the game leaks through into my writing and posts. That said, I’m taking a good amount of time off here at Diamond Hoggers. I don’t know when it will end but I will be back as soon as I feel inspired. Right now I’m at the opposite end of the meter.