Editor George & Ginger are coming to town!

Editor George and Ginger (a night on the town)
Tonight around midnght, when most of you are safely tucking yourselves into bed, or out howling at the moon; I’ll be picking up Editor George and his lovely girlfriend Ginger Chelsea. That’s right, you’re hearing it correct. Although we had a summer baseball trip planned to hit several stadiums of the midwest, it never happened. George’s flight got delayed until the weekend was nearly over, and then he never re-scheduled a flight. His reason? He is fed up with airlines. Do you think he’s fed up with airlines when his beloved little Ginger wants to fly out to Ohio for a wedding of her friend’s cousin’s friend whose uncle bla bla bla? Nope, he gets his ass up and books a flight.

The trip out here isn’t without it’s benefits. Editor George will be held captive all weekend at my Greyhawk Circle bungalo, without his precious girlfriend. I’m going to feed him all kinds of booze, skoal straight dips, and nasty stories. By the end of the weekend he should be back to normal.

In preparation for our co-editor coming to town, I’ve purchased supplies. Dip (of course), a Heineken Light mini-keg (for the girls), enough Miller Lite that you won’t shit right for weeks, Cuban cigars (Cohiba mang’), and some high end Gentleman’s Jack along with some Chivas Scotch. If we don’t burn the place down by tomorrow night, we’ll be watching the Cleveland Indians bring home a championship, and we can listen to Editor George’s conspiracy theories on why Joe Torre is no longer Yankees manager.
Stay tuned for some photos……