My Fantasy Baseball Draft Pt. I

The fantasy baseball draft for any baseball fan is the un-official kick off for any baseball geek die-hard’s season. Although there is snow on the ground here in Ohio, it reminds me of times around Spring Break, Roto-magazines, the March Madness tournament, and that spring is just around the corner. It won’t be long until the crack of the bat and the smell of mustard at the stadium are fixtures in my our lives again.

-I had the 4th overall selection in this year’s draft. I took Prince Fielder (who I learned is now a vegetarian) over Albert Pujols. Gigantosaur, please forgive me and don’t make me pay for that.

-I think I got value picks out of guys like Fausto Carmona, J.J. Hardy, Rickie Weeks, Dontrelle Willis and Kevin Youkilis. Those guys seemed to be on the board later than they should have been.

-I went a bit ‘homer’ once again. This is my biggest downfall as a fantasy baseball player. Every year, I swear I will take best player available and every year I somehow wind up with Adam Dunn, Grady Sizemore, and various other Cincinnati and Cleveland players. (It paid off last year with Brandon Phillips, though).

-These year’s ‘homer’ picks disguised as sleepers were Homer Bailey and Jay Bruce, and of course Dunn.

-Finally I’ve had someone un-seat Dunn as my fantasy team captain. This is a time-honored tradition I do every year; to make sure those I’m playing with know I’m especially a goober. This year is no different. It started out as a joke and now I feel naked without doing it. Prince Fielder, Captain of ‘Pink Veal’. Co-Captain: Grady Sizemore. Secretary of state (3rd in command): Adam Dunn.

-Editor George went on a limb and predicted that Miguel Tejada would be this year’s Fantasy League Whore. I really liked that prediction.

My overall draft went like this:

1.(4) Prince Fielder
2.(17) Grady Sizemore
3.(24)Mark Teixeira
4.(37) Josh Beckett
5.(44) Adam Dunn
6.(57) Joe Mauer
7.(64) John Smoltz
8.(77) Félix Hernández
9.(84) Jason Bay
10.(97) Fausto Carmona
11.(104) Rickie Weeks
12.(117) Adrián Béltre
13.(124) J.J. Hardy
14.(137) Joe Borowski
15.(144) Kevin Youkilis
16.(157) Jay Bruce
17.(164) Homer Bailey
18.(177) Kevin Gregg
19.(184) Dontrelle Willis
20.(197) Michael Bourn
21.(204) Adam Wainwright
22.(217)Asdrubal Cabrera

-If you’re wondering why I took Teixera where I did; I went with the guy with the chance to put up the biggest power numbers on the board. I didn’t wanna go impact pitcher too early, and I wanted to stockpile the offense.