Reds want to make Dunn a Cincinnati fixture for years to come

The Cincinnati Reds calmed my fears a bit this week. Adam Dunn’s $13 million dollar option is going to be picked up for 2008, and there’s talk that he is going to be given a long term extension to remain a red for the rest of the decade, allowing the franchise to build around him.

Once again, this move shows me owner Bob Castellini is committed to making this franchise a winner. You don’t let players like Dunn who come along once in a lifetime go. Dunn has been a good member of the team, staying out of trouble and playing hard every night. He’s also the only man in baseball who has homered 40 or more times in 4 straight seasons.

“It’s very difficult to replace that kind of offense,” Castellini said. “And I think Adam is ready to step up and be a leader on this team.”

Castellini and Dunn had lunch just before the season ended. There was a meeting of the minds.

“Adam definitely wants to be here, and he wants to win,” Castellini said.

This is the best Cincinnati Reds news I have gotten in a long, long time. With a core of Dunn, Harang, Hamilton, Bailey, Arroyo, Phillips and some good acquisitions, this team could be the next make of the Colorado Rockies. Why not the Reds?

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