Diamondbacks, Rockies 1 win away from unlikeliest of NLCS

When this season began, I’d have taken 1,000,000 to 1 odds that the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks wouldn’t have each came out of the west to be the final two teams alive in the National league. When the postseason began, I would have taken almost the same odds that these two teams wouldn’t survive their first rounds. I picked the Cubs to go the World Series when this season began. I thought the great manager and the flashy lineup would get them all the way to the World Series finally this season. I thought the powerful lineup and homefield advantage would take the Phillies into the NLCS to get Chase Utley and Ryan Howard a crack at that Chicago pitching staff at Wrigley.

I might have been very wrong. It’s certainly looking that way. I’m not the only one surprised. It seems that the NLCS is going to be the biggest yawner in years. The headliners are going to be Brandon Webb and Matt Holliday for the respective teams if things hold up. This almost ensures that the World Series winner will come from the American League, which is fine with me, especially since the Indians seem to be on their way for a crack at getting there.

I’ll be watching the NLDS games today, and I’ll be pulling for the Cubs and Phillies not to get swept, if for nothing else because I don’t want to see a totally ‘I could give a shit’ NLCS.