Indians Survive 11-inning Classic with Bombers

Sizemore played one of the games of his life

It wasn’t pretty like so many of the 97 victories that came before them but it ended with the same old song. The Indians scratched and clawed for 11 innings, holding the Yankees in place until they could deliver a knockout in the 11th.

Fausto Carmona did his thing as well, he shut down the Yankees for 9 innings. He allowed 1 earned run–coming on a homerun by Melky Cabrera. He matched veteran Andy Pettite with everything he had, striking out 5. The Indians finally scratched a run across in the 8th inning off Joba Chamberlain (thanks to those fire lillies!) on a wild pitch that scored Grady Sizemore.

In addition to a diving catch in center field that took away a big 2 out hit, Sizemore led off the game with a single, tripled off Pettite and walked twice.

Now lets talk about the big time player that didn’t show up. Alex Rodriguez struck out 3 times in the game and pulled another 0’fer. The Yankees fans can’t say much; without him, they wouldn’t be in the postseason in the first place. A-Rod isn’t doing shit though; again. I think he’s a great ballplayer, and a dickwad. Seriously the guy seems like a punk sometimes. He doesn’t know who he wants to be. He doesn’t know if he wants to be the clean cut momma’s boy, or the guy who fights Jason Varitek or is always trying to get into physical altercations on the field. He hasn’t played for shit this series–and I’m thrilled to see it.

The Indians have one more game to win and they take another step. I am afraid that they’re not going to be able to hang a loss on Roger Clemens in New York in what could be the last start of his Major League Career. Something just tells me he doesn’t go out that way. There has been many times when we thought it was all over for Clemens. He doesn’t go out with a loss.

Once again, I’m proud of Grady, Fausto, Lofton, Pronk, Victor, Casey, Garko, and the whole gang. Wedge better keep growing that playoff beard. They’ll be at least 1 more game in Cleveland this season folks.

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