Throwing it around

One more day till the weekend. There is good baseball and good football as well on television to watch. Its going to be fun. Last night, the Natural Josh Hamilton hit a bomb to beat the Cubbies. Seems like the Reds always do that to them this time of year, doesn’t it Cubs fans? Last night had some other great ballgames as well that we’ll talk about later. Here are some baseball links you are sure to enjoy while I have a salad with Honey Mustard for lunch. Good stuff:

  • Darren Daulton is still out of his frickin’ mind, and I’m loving every minute of it. (Deadspin)
  • Yesterday there was a classic ballgame in the Bronx you should read about. (Oriole Post)
  • Recapping Fausto Carmona; and the game of his life last night. (The Tribe Source)
  • More on Jose Offerman, losing it. (NY Times)
  • A called shot in the Mets-Pirates game last night. (Metstradamus)
  • Barry Bonds’ greatest feat of all is his improvement. (Beyond the Box Score)
  • More on that exciting Reds win last night over the Cubs at Wrigley. (Reds Rocket)
  • We don’t talk enough about the Washington Nationals, so here is a blog dedicated to them that we’ll be checking up more often, oh yeah and the entry is about a random 3 to 2 loss to the Phillies. (Nationals Enquirer)