Dippers Review: Skoal Peach

Today’s inaugural dipper’s review post is about a brand of dip that I like very much. It is the refreshing, and very invigorating Skoal Peach. Peach is also very sexy looking, dressed up in the snazzy fire-bellied colored tin. The reason I started with the review of this Peach Skoal, was due to the fact I consider it to be the finest in taste of all tins of lip on the market today. Although it is not my favorite flavor (because I’m a traditionalist), it is the tin I go to on 2nd and 3rd downs when the Circle-K is out of Skoal Straight.

I feel one giant thing that Peach has going in it’s favor is that fire-bellied peach colored tin. It’s like when you are a kid and your dad takes you to Wal-Mart to buy fishing supplies. I was always that little jagoff that wanted to buy the coolest looking fishing supplies. I didn’t give a fuck about anything else except what the lure looked like.

“Daddy, can I get these silver lizards???”

“No, you don’t need those. Those are for catching giant catfish in the Andes mountains. We live in Ohio, you’ll never have a use for them.”

“But they are cool looking. Can I get them.”

“Put them down, dumbass. Do you want something that will catch a fish or catch or eye?”

Well dad made a great point. Alright so he was right in the case of fishing tackle, but in the land of dip, the attractiveness of a tin will make the eyeball be curious. When you go for your staple brand at the counter with a line behind you, the curiosity will make you choose Skoal Peach. I endorse this brand, you know, like if you’ve already dipped. If you haven’t dipped–then I don’t want you to ever start. Same old song and dance. Right now I wanna take some time to weigh the positives and negatives of this here Skoal Peach:


  • The Firey Peach Colored tin
  • Taste (very mellow, very tasty). This will also work its way in as a negative
  • Smell, it smells delicious, better than a freshly baked pie
  • Texture is good, as with all Skoal long cut products. It will not break up on you, EVER.
  • It will be good in summer or in winter (as where some flavors are only meant for one or the other).
  • It is like a stick of bubblegum, bad breath need not apply if you’re worried about it.


  • Price. In Ohio we’re looking at a $4.90 tag for this little can of joy. Out east, you’ll pay even higher. If you want the quality that Skoal offers, you will have to dig deep in your pockets.
  • Taste! Yes, this is a negative. This is the only brand that when I find myself using it, it actually makes me want to swallow; which is completely fine if you’re a real cowboy, a longtime user, or if you don’t mind puking all down the front of your shirt. While most flavors of dip suppress hunger, this actually makes you hungry for that very Peach hog you have in your mouth.
  • It’s so good, you just might get addicted. For most that enjoy this article, you can cross out this last one. It’s too late for you anyways.

Final Grade on Diamond Hoggers rating scale: 9.32 – excellent

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9 thoughts on “Dippers Review: Skoal Peach”

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  3. i agree with this magnificent article. i too am a huge lover of skoal peach and it is my 2nd down dip after skoal straight of course. it is my boys' and i summer dip out here in niagara falls, ny. for instance fall is apple season, winter is wintergreen and mint season, spring is cherry season, and summer is peach season. every season is straight season and mint too can be dipped at anytime. i love the feeling of a big wad of skoal peach between my lip and gums and am addicted for life and love it. the taste is just immaculate and i love the flavor and packing ability. skoal for life <3

  4. I couldnt agree more with james. i am also from lewiston and i love a fat wad delicous preach skoal in my gums. There is no better feeling than a nice pinch on a hot summer day or any day or at night before bed. sometimes i wake up and go do my paper route. at times i cant wake up but when i know i have a chance to start my morning with a nice lip of peach skoal. The light flavor of peach provides nice relaxing comfort. when i have an issue i often turn to a tin no matter what. it answers many problems and can calm me down in the worst moods. my friend once talked of quitting but after a few whiffs of that sweet heavenly smell, he was revived. in conclusion skoal = happiness SKOAL FOR LIFE!

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  6. After looking so hard for a place that carries this, (I live on the west coast where dipping isn’t a hit/the price for a tin is $6-7) I finally found one.

    I love this refreshing light flavor, like the OP said though, this does give you the urge to swallow more being how good this flavor is. But my stomach is used to it and here I am with a good buzz from Skoal.

  7. Haven’t grabbed a tin of this my only peach experience was t wolf Back in high school and I didn’t enjoy so I never thought to reach for Skoal peach I always see it on the Skoal rack Skoal lc greens my everyday dip I like to grab once in awhile spearmint ,apple,cherry,the x rich ,i used to grab skoal mint but i discovered the kodiak mint and its the only non skoal i try to keep.around i always have had this fear that it kodiak mint wont be on the shelves one day( i feel kodiak just isnt that popular anymore and its really a top shelf dip right with skoal and cope kodiak is a great quality dip )the skoals I wont ever grab berry ,straight (just never been a straight fan nothing against it) citrus, and peach cause of t wolf experience but I’ll grab it in light of reading this shouldn’t judge a Skoal because of t wolf they are in different planets as far as quality I will grab it sometime soon………

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