Tommy I'll go…but I dont want to.

Hello bloggers. Since this is my first blog I am going to start with a few thoughts. First, the Indians are the 2nd best team in baseball behind Boston. They have solid starting pitching and a balanced offensive attack. I would like to see them add another pitcher to solidify the bullpen but if they do not the combination of Betancourt and Borowski have been solid. C.C. has matured into a dominant Ace. The 2nd half of 2007 will be a blast. Expect the Indians to win the Central and the Tigers to win the Wild Card with Boston taking the East Title and the Angels winning the West.

Next random thought…Casino is the best movie of all time. I say this because there is a perfect combination of violence, language, gambling, and women. Nicky uses a wide variety of racial slurs and gets away with them until he is buried alive while Ace “goes on TV when he could have been the fuckin food and beverage chairman”. Do not forget Lester “John” Diamond.

Finally…OWU Baseball. I attended Joe Decks wedding last week and in attendance were Tyler Mott, Joe Loudenslager, Shawn Rice, Travis Falk, Mark Wheery, Jeff Bing, Bo Burnett, and Dave Shaub. This wedding was in Connecticut and it was nothing short of a shitshow. Everyone drank booze until we couldn’t stand which reminded me of the old days at the baseball house with the exception that we were doing this at a country club in suits…weird…We also spent pleanty of time bashing and trashing former coaches with the names of Bricker and Ingles.