RIP Rod Beck

One of the throwbacks of the game passed away yesterday. I remember him in his classic days with the “GIANTS” across his chest, the stirrups, the moustache and later the fu-man-chu. Rod Beck sounds like a guy the editors of this blog would have appreciated very much.

Although some would say he was less than flashy, the guy recorded seasons of 48 saves and 51 saves, and was a three time all-star. I’ll also remember Beck when he was seemingly getting guys out with grit and guile and nothing but puss for a fastball. He looked like he was sailing bubbles in there to homeplate with the cubs in 1998 and was a huge part of their memorable playoff wildcard run.

As details come the death of Beck might be discussed more, but I am sure it will turn out to be the circumstance of natural causes. So for the man they called ‘Shooter’, this beer is for you.

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