Sizemore's slam leads to Indians sweep

When I was sitting at the bar last night with my buddy, I saw this scenario set up like it was out of a playbook.

“Alright, so now the bases are loaded and Grady is hitless on the night. He’s gonna hit a Grand Slam and put this thing completely out of reach, and the Indians are going home winners. Reyes hasn’t thrown a strike in a while and cock-shot central is coming.”

With that, Sizemore delivered as he usually does with his 2nd grand slam of this career. Not to be lost in this one are the efforts of Fausto Carmona and Rafael Perez (who is nasty).

The Indians complete the 4-game sweep of the Devil Rays and now head into Detroit with a very solid grasp on 1st place. What better for the 4th of July series then Tribe-Tigers in Detroit with first place on the line? De ja vu anyone?