Casey Blake and Indians go for 50 wins; sweep

If you’re not doing anything later tonight, get to your local sports pub or watering hole and turn on a television set to the Devil Rays/Indians game tonight.

Casey Blake has always been one of our favorite players. From 1999-2002 he had just over 100 big league at-bats with three different teams. Since 2003, he’s been a starter somewhere for the Indians, and a scrappy one at that. Earlier this season Blake had a 26-game hitting streak. He’s just a good ol’ boy, and a hard guy to not root for. He’s everything this Indians team is all about.

It’s seemingly a different hero every night for this group. If they can win tonight, they’re half way to 100. They’ll also have swept the Devil Rays at home, a team that in the past (see 2005) has given them some fits during important runs in the season.

If you wanna watch a team that is exciting, scrappy, and wins ugly, you’ll enjoy this Cleveland squad. Oh yeah, and a post wouldn’t be Cleveland if we didn’t mention Grady Sizemore somehow; just making sure all the folks know he’s an All-Star. Well done, Leyland. Well done.