Grey Goose Narron fired from the Reds

Reds manager Jerry Narron was fired last evening as Cincinnati Reds Manager after an 11-7 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. The replacement as interim manager is Pete Mackanin. If you’re wondering who the hell Pete Mackanin is, I wish I could tell you a bit more, but I’m drawing a blank.

This departure of ‘Grey Goose’ Narron is bittersweet for us. He was our friend and we liked him as a man and as a person. Diamond Hoggers wished it would have worked out for Narron. It is familiar to when in the ‘Hood when one of your boys passes on, you pour out a little bit of your 40 oz. on the ground in their honor. If we had a glass full of Grey Goose right now, no doubt we’d let more of it hit the ground then our esophogaus in honor of Jerry.

Although the signs point to a change needing to be made, we feel Narron was only responsible for a little bit of the Reds underachieving and unmotivated play. Overall, he was probably just too easy going and his attitude was reflected by his ballplayers. To step back and assess what happened, that is what I see. A guy who was a players manager and the attitude and style was not fit for the ballclub.

The excuses are over for General Manager Wayne Krivsky. If Krivsky fails to improve this team now, the blame falls squarely on him. I feel he was more to blame then Narron at this point; he is the one who assembled this poor bullpen and overall squad with a poor baseball IQ. Narron did the best with what he was given to work with; and while he didn’t maximize the potential of this team this season, he can’t pitch, hit, throw, and catch for his players. His hands were tied.

Grey Goose, you will be missed by at least a couple fans of you and the Reds that run this site. We’ll always remember that glorious night at the Cincinnati Hilton in 2005 before you became the Reds manager when you showed us that two college fellows can have the best night out possible at a fancy, upscale piano bar. Thanks for the memories.